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First off, a disclosure: I’m a StomperNet faculty member. That means that I produce videos and audio material for our resource library, do one-on-one and group webinar coaching calls and participate actively in the online forums. In addition, we produce four in-person live conferences each year and I speak at them (unless, like last time, I was on a cruise to Mexico!) The main reason I’m involved with this group is because I’m learning a ton both from the other faculty and the Stompernet members (hundreds of ’em) and enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the community. Most importantly, every week I gain new insight into how to grow my own online business efficiently.
If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you know that while I’ve been involved with the Internet for almost thirty years, I’ve only been involved in the world of Internet marketing and seminars for about 18 months. During that time I’ve experienced both the best and the worst. I’ve sat through 90 minute presentations that were 20 minutes of mediocre content and 70 minutes of breathless hype and pitching / selling products that I felt were astonishingly overpriced. On the other hand, I’ve also sat through talks of the same length that were 85 minutes of excellent content, well presented, and a few minutes of how you can learn more and engage with them if appropriate.
The fact that I am involved with Stompernet is a strong testament to the overall value of organization, and should assure you that becoming part of our entrepreneurial community, even if just for a few months, will be a major step towards achieving your own business and personal success goals.
The problem has been that Stompernet has been closed to new members for months.
Until today. Today, for the first time in quite a while, you can join me in StomperNet. Even better, we’re running a $1.00 “sampler” membership, which I explain later in this posting, so you can even dip your toe into the water before you jump in and join us!

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My Contributions to Stompernet

The most recent video I released to Stompernet is one that I bet many of you would find interesting, for example: Quick tips on SEO optimizing your weblog. I’ve learned a lot about search engine optimization in the last few years, actually, starting with the veritable Bible of the SEO world, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
That’s a starting point. Since then, I’ve learned tons more from friends like Aaron Wall, but really, the majority of my knowledge about optimization comes from one of the founders of Stompernet, the amazing Andy Jenkins, and two faculty members, Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies.
I could hire any of these guys to spend an hour or two on the phone with me, but that’d cost far more than a month of Stompernet membership, where I can view all their videos, read their insightful comments on the discussion forums (a thumbnail of the forums is shown on the right, by the way. If you could read it, you’d see that there are thousands of discussion threads with tens of thousands of comments, on topics ranging from details of SEO to blogging, PPC advertising, AdWords, and much, much more) and even email back and forth directly.
Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur with fifty ideas percolating or are part of a company where you’ll see a great upside if the business doubles or triples sales, I’m sure that there are dozens, if not hundreds of gems in Stompernet. In fact, since it’s online and since you can digest it at your pace (including downloading audio to your mp3 player or iPod and dropping video onto your laptop) it’s probably more efficient and smarter than attending a marketing conference or seminar. Those are great for networking, but it’s often a staggering amount of information to digest in 48-72 hours. Versus a few months? What do you think?
Now, having said that, I’ll be the first to admit that the cost of being part of Stompernet is substantial. Until you start thinking about the value of Stompernet, and then it’s clear that the $799/month price is really ridiculously cheap for the incredible resources you get to tap, both the people and the training library which must have hundreds of hours of video and audio and thousands of Q&A articles and discussions.
The faculty? Well, you’ve already heard about Andy Jenkins, Leslie Rohde and Dan Theis, and other experts include Sherman Hu and Don Crowther, but the other co-founder is also a friend of mine, Brad Fallon, and he’s another person from whom I am confident you can learn an extraordinary amount. I know, because I continue to learn from him, and that’s after the two of us spent dozens of hours building our Exploding Your Business with Blogging home study course. His latest project, when he’s not involved with Stompernet, is FreeIQ, which I’ve written about here on my blog too (see Is FreeIQ eBay for Entrepreneurs?).

And about that $1 sampler package….

If you’re not quite convinced, don’t want to pony up and pay the full membership amount, you can try our $1 trial membership which will start by giving you seven daily messages from Ed Dale, followed by the ability to access a percentage (albeit not all) of the Stompernet content. Even if you’re just curious about this side of the world of business, I encourage you to sign up for a trial membership and see what we’ve been building for months and months now.

But wait, that’s not all!

Here’s a special deal I’ll offer everyone who signs up for Stompernet through my own links here: let me know you signed up, and when you pay for the second month of membership, I’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone with you, talking about your business or anything else you’d like!
So make a change for the better, light the turbocharger on your rocket, push the “nitrous” button on the steering wheel, and join us at Stompernet. Your only decision needs to be whether you want to dabble for $1 or sign up for the full package for $799/month. Here are both links, one last time:

And, again, a disclosure because everything I do is completely transparent: Not only am I a faculty member, but I’m also using affiliate links with the two offers above. That affiliate commission is how I keep the lights on in our offices, but if you’d rather skip any affiliate link, you can also just go to “stompernet.com” and go from there…

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  1. I’ve sat through 90 minute presentations that were 20 minutes of mediocre content and 70 minutes of breathless hype and pitching …
    That pretty much defines most presentations put together by soi-disant entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, too many of those viewing such presentations believe this is how a valid presentation of a valuable concept is supposed to go. Results: Audiences fall for mediocre concepts.

  2. Alas, Tom, I ended up canceling my appearance at Stompernet Live Atlanta because I picked up strep throat. In fact, I’ve been mostly in bed for the last four days, missing the heck out of the event and attendees! 🙁

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