I’ll help you grow your business at the World Internet Summit

I’m pleased to be a featured speaker at the World Internet Summit next month in Las Vegas, Nevada, and want to invite you to learn more about the event and consider attending. But before I do, something with a shorter timeline: tomorrow evening, August 23rd, we’ll have a free teleconference call talking about my presentation and the conference and you’re invited to join me, free!
You can participate in this free hour-long mini-seminar by calling (712) 432-3900 and use PIN 4663237 at 7pm PST/10pm EST, tomorrow, August 23rd, 2006.
Here’s a helpful tip too: If you can’t make it, you can download a free recording of the call — and a number of other calls with other Internet marketing and business experts — once you’ve registered for the World Internet Summit Webcast.
I’ll talk a bit more about the conference itself shortly, but let me tell you what we’ll be talking about on the phone call and what my talk will cover at the event itself…

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I am very interested in how business can communicate more effectively with their customers and market segment – hence my interest in blogs – and the implications of findability on the future of business. That’s the essence of what I’ll be discussing, but don’t worry, it won’t be a theoretical MBA talk, but rather a pragmatic exploration of what’s changing, what it means to you and how you can exploit these changes to grow your business.
Here’s how I described my talk to the conference organizers:
“To really appreciate how creating and maintaining a weblog can help explode your business, whether you’re offering a service or product, you need to understand the new face of online business and recognize that you can’t apply tactics unless you have a strategy to start out with.
“I’ll explore and explain all of the following, in an entertaining and compelling fashion:

  • Findability
  • Thought Leaders and Influencers
  • Why home pages are obsolete
  • The importance of fresh, unique content
  • Having fun with your business
  • Retaining some semblance of a life as an entrepreneur
  • Blogging as a tool
  • Dangers and Blogging mistakes
  • Blogging best practices, for best results
  • … and lots of cool live demos and examples too

Sound interesting? Then why not join me for the call tomorrow night, and, more to the point, why not consider attending the World Internet Summit in Las Vegas?
The conference runs Sept 14-17 and there are some great perks for conference attendees, including the ability to bring along a friend for free and a free set of DVD recordings of every single presentation, a great boon if, like me, you aren’t the best note-taker in the world. The conference fee is a reasonable $997 and it’s being held at the beautiful Green Valley Resort just outside Las Vegas.
Sound like a good way to spend a weekend? I’m sure it will be, and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and learning both from the attendees and other presenters, in a lovely setting. Oh, and it’ll be darn fun!
Learn more about the World Internet Summit here: World Internet Summit

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