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I’m pleased to announce that my friend and colleague Steven Van Yoder and I are launching a three-month teleseminar called Growing Your Business with Google.
Steven is author of the terrific book Get Slightly Famous and a top-notch ethical PR person who really gets the online world, so I’m really pleased that we’re going to be able to work together on this project.
I’d like to tell you a bit about what we’re doing, and hopefully you’ll be excited and sign up to join us. First off, as you can tell from our information page, the entire workshop is about information, not hype. We both abhor the breathless marketing hype of most Internet marketing out there and refuse to make any sort of guarantee that you’ll become wealthy overnight with our techniques.
Real business, real success, comes from being strategic, from long-term thinking, from understanding how your industry works and where it’s going and making sure you can get there first and better than any of your competitors.
Take a sec and read through our workshop information: Growing Your Business with Google
Now let me tell you about what we’re going to do with this innovative course, why it’s better than any other “marketing” course out there, why it’s an amazing value for what you get, and then make you a pretty sweet offer to push you to sign up and join us…

I’ve been involved with other teleseminar courses and I have to say that the basic approach to teaching is pretty darn good: you simply call up and join a previously scheduled conversation, often about 90% lecture, 10% Q&A, and over the course of weeks, you cover a lot of material and additionally have opportunities to talk with the instructor or instructors.
My Business Blogging Teleseminar with Brad Fallon
SEO expert and all-around great guy Brad Fallon (of My Wedding Favors) and I just wrapped up an eight week course + two bonus call teleseminar on Exploding your Business with Blogging. It’s excellent and we got splendid feedback from the dozens of attendees we had for the live workshop, and our two bonus calls, one with Joe Vitale and the other with Anne Holland, are two of the real gems of the program too.
But I got a very interesting email from one of the attendees who wished that the students in the class would have had more interaction and been able to learn from each other too, rather than just the more traditional student/teacher relationship.
I also noticed that only three or four of our students ever called during our “office hours”, which seemed odd because, just like with the Google workshop, having access to the instructors included in the cost of the course is the real hidden value of any of these courses.
So when Steven and I started thinking about our Google course, we decided that we really wanted to not do the traditional bunch-of-calls-see-ya-later sort of teleseminar, but wanted to create a community of business entrepreneurs, a team that would continue to work together and promote each other’s businesses. In other areas, I’d call this a “junta” or a “mastermind group”, but I think of it just as much as a Socratic dialog forum, where the leader asks a few pointed questions, but it’s the students who advance the discussion.
We’re Building a Business Success Team, Not A Bunch of Lectures
As a result, Growing Your Business with Google is a three month course for the incredible bargain price of only $399 (and read on, I haven’t gotten to my ‘deal’ yet) and that includes access to both Steven and I via telephone for specific consulting during our office hours (and I can tell you that 30 minutes with both of us is worth much more than $399, even without any calls or discussion).
That’s why we’re going to have three carefully planned calls that’ll cover all the important basics of how Google works, what search engines really want, what findability is all about and how you can ensure your business is a raging success in the future, but then we’re going to have an active discussion space and two “momentum calls”, thirty and sixty days after the formal material ends. These will keep everyone fired up and make sure that any hiccups or glitches you might encounter as you apply our critical business rules – and you doubtless will find that implementation is always different from lectures – can be quickly smoothed out and everyone truly achieves great success.
So what are you waiting for?
Steven and I are not going to make you a millionaire overnight and we are both “make money fast” skeptics, but between us we really do understand the future of business and how to make your business more successful.
Did I mention that everyone who attends the course gets MP3 downloadable files of each of the calls too, so you can drop them onto your iPod or even leave them on your computer and listen to our sage advice again and again, whenever you need a “boost”. In fact, our first introductory call is one click away too: Growing Your Business with Google Introductory Call (MP3).
What’s More, It’ll be Fun Too!
I also need to say that we’re going to really have some fun with this course too: I am not a boring guy and I definitely don’t do boring workshops. After all, wouldn’t you rather have a good time learning how to grow your business anyway?
Sign up right now with no risk: Growing Your Business with Google
No risk? Yep, we’re offering a 100% money-back guarantee too, we’re that sure you’ll find this a great boon to your online or offline business.
And so, my offer to you: if you sign up for the workshop and send me your full mailing address, I’ll send you a signed copy of my book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google absolutely free, just as a thank you!
So what are you waiting for? Your business success can’t wait and we’re starting the three month teleseminar in just a few days!

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