The home office scene is wearing thin…

After years of working at home, I’m beginning to have some serious focus problems. There’s just too much distraction, and even though it’s lovely to have about 800sf including a TV/DVD setup, a stereo, and, of course, an entire house right above my head, it’s time to change my venue. So as of today I’ve started a search for a small office space I can rent, or a piece of a larger office I can share in the local area. Once I get that set up, I’ll have a challenge ahead of me figuring out how to minimize the cost and maximize the flexibility of a two-computer two-office setup. But there’s probably a book or three in that too, isn’t there? Hmmm….

7 comments on “The home office scene is wearing thin…

  1. Hey Dave, how come you never reply to comments in your blog? Every once in awhile I come back to see if it’s a /conversation/… but you haven’t replied.
    Whaddayasay? πŸ™‚

  2. But it really should be! πŸ™‚ A comments box isn’t so much an invitation for feedback as an invitation to talk.
    Your traffic will increase too, as people feel more rewarded for commenting if there’s a response.

  3. Good call with the strategy change, I would also hazard that you’ll enjoy your own blog more once it becomes more “post-then-discuss”…
    Also part two… cheers from BC! πŸ™‚

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