Listen to me talk about Podcasts on BBC Radio 1

My previous article – and podcast – on Why I don’t like podcasts has been picked up by the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Beeb, and incorporated into their newly released documentary program Radio Anyone.
Here’s how they describe this interesting and quite listenable program:
“From CB radio to pirate radio and now the internet, supergeeks and superfreaks will find any means possible to get themselves heard over the airwaves. Whether it’s to broadcast an amateur radio show or merely post up ramblings, there’s a wealth of fascinating, geeky, and downright weird stuff to be heard if you know where to find it.”

“To tie in with the BBC Voices project (looking at language, dialect and accent in the UK today), Radio Anyone looks at the ways people exploit technology to broadcast their voices to the world.”
“From the illegal hijacking of the airwaves in a tower-block in East London, to the latest in digital broadcasting – podcasting. The modern equivalent of CB radio has random people all over the UK talking about, well, random stuff, which you can get sent direct to your mp3 player to listen to at your leisure. It’s the audio equivalent of blogging, and is strangely addictive.”
“Huge in the US, there are only about 50 British podcasters so far, including two men who record their journey in the car on the way to work every day, and then home. And that’s it. ”
“An insight into the secret world of the amateur radio freaks, this
programme reveals that most basic of instincts – the need to
communicate. Whether anyone’s actually listening is another question…”
Download and listen to Radio Anyone from the BBC.
Of course, I find this all quite ironic because I make one podcast available that talks about why I’m not enamored of podcasts and it’s been picked up rather widely and now incorporated into a Beeb production, of all things. Only in the blogosphere…

2 comments on “Listen to me talk about Podcasts on BBC Radio 1

  1. i am of course biased, but it sure looks to me (judging by a few of your comments) like you’re more inclined to dive into the deep end of podcasting than ignore it dave…
    the original points that you made against podcasting are mostly the same that many have made before, actually w/in a few weeks of the few original podcasters starting up about a year ago, the negative comments started…
    but the fact of the matter is, podcasting is right for some folks, either as creator or consumer, it shouldn’t be thought of as a replacement for any other media – simply as a choice, and for some of us who commute, travel or like to multi-task – an entertaining, educating and global village shrinking choice at that…
    you have a lot of very interesting perspectives, frankly it’d be good to hear your voice more in the village 🙂

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