Learn about Twitter over breakfast this Friday!

twitter logo.jpgI’m excited to launch a breakfast training series here in Boulder with three of the smartest people I know in Colorado, a series we’re calling Stay Sharp! My co-conspirators are Liz Ryan, Joyce Colson and Jeff Finkelstein and we’re offering the series of workshops to help you, our fellow Coloradoans, gain the skills and expertise you need in the modern business world to make your business a success and get the job you want.
This Friday, Sept 18, I’m going to be talking all about Twitter and in case you haven’t attended any of my workshops before, you’ll get a sense of the mood of the workshop when you learn that the title is actually “Twitter? What the heck is Twitter and why should I, as a businessperson, care?”
Our venue of choice is the yummy Eggcredible Cafe at 5397 South Boulder Road and I might even steal a few bites of something while I’m talking and showing people exactly what is so darn interesting about Twitter and also some of its weaknesses and some of the ways that it’s growing faster than is perhaps beneficial to us online folk.
On Sept 25 the Stay Sharp! program features web and marketing expert Jeff Finkelstein
who will be talking about Search Engine Optimization: What Really Matters to Search Engines. I’ll be there for that one too!
Details and registration information on the Stay Sharp! program
In case you don’t know my Stay Sharp! colleagues, here’s a succinct bio for each:
Jeff Finkelstein is the founder of Boulder-based, Customer Paradigm, an interactive marketing firm that has helped clients including Xcel Energy, 3M, Level 3, BP achieve top rankings through search engine optimization and web marketing. Finkelstein is an adjunct professor for Colorado State University, and has been profiled as a Web Guru in the New York Times.
Joyce Colson, of the Boulder law firm Colson Quinn, has thirty years of experience in the legal trenches, providing corporate and IP advice to a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Her experience includes negotiating license agreements with most U.S. major energy companies, advising in the sale of a $140 million software company, and providing legal counsel for numerous start-up companies (including her favorite–an organic chocolate company).
Liz Ryan is a former Fortune 500 HR exec and leader of the 30,000-member Ask Liz Ryan online community, a syndicated columnist and career expert for Business Week, Yahoo!, NPR and BBC Radio.
I hope to see you at our Twitter workshop in just a few days!

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