Purdue has it right… the dangers of GMO

Wondering if genetically modified foods are a good idea? BusinessWeek reports that Purdue University researchers have “discovered that genetically modified organisms may make good eating – but could produce devastating results. When new genes are inserted into a fish’s chromosome to make it grow larger, that big fish is better at attracting mates, but its offspring are less likely to survive into adulthood. If such transgenic fish were to invade the wild, they could displace normal males and father a generation of short-lived offspring that could wipe out the species.” Now that’s something to think about next time we Americans laugh at the GMO concerns of the European Union, isn’t it?

6 comments on “Purdue has it right… the dangers of GMO

  1. It’s not even a majority of Americans, it’s just the American corps (Monsanto et. al.), with the help of their bought and paid for legislators trying to force GM on everybody.

  2. Yeah, I kinda figure it’s mainly AMD and Monsanto. And to think, I used to be thrilled by the futuristic tone of Monsanto’s “without chemicals we couldn’t live” bit…

  3. Purdue may have it right and shows that research with good regulation can prevent flawed crop and animal products from reaching the commercial market. — Rick

  4. Ah, but is it good regulation when the regulatory agencies are, inevitably, political bodies? When the head of agency is appointed by an official with his/her own agenda? That’s what concerns me the most, honestly.

  5. If fish species die out if offsprings are short lived because fish choose the geneticaly modified fish, then experts should not modify the fish anymore to save the species even if farm raised fish do excape.

  6. Hmmm… I’m trying to get my head around what you’re saying Joris…
    If we genetically engineer a species of fish to grow faster, be more aggressive, and die before it can breed, but produce wonderful high Omega-9 meat, then that’s okay. Now, if these fish escape into the ocean and wild fish opt to mate with them (perhaps because they beat up the other fish) then it’s okay if the entire species dies out because the fish choose the genetically modified fish?
    If that’s an accurate assessment, then I have to say that we fundamentally disagree on our responsibilities as stewards of the planet and all that inhabits it. With this perspective, I assume that you’d also be okay if we clear-cut a forest, killing the habitat of animals too stupid to run when the first chain saw was started up?

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