MySpace officially says “We have become Facebook” with Friend Updates

Logged in to my MySpace account this evening and was rather surprised to be greeted with this:

MySpace: Friend Updates, just like Facebook

Ah, okay, I thought to myself. I knew it was coming and that MySpace wouldn’t be able to resist ripping off one of the core features of the Facebook world, but it was a bit of a surprise because I haven’t seen anyone mention it as of yet.
I closed the window and there, staring me in the face, was a demonstration of how MySpace has implemented the feature:
MySpace: Friend Updates, just like Facebook, in real life

Not bad at all, actually. The decision to require people to opt in to the broadcast service is a smart one, but I do wonder how long it’ll take before it’s drowning in porn and other spam “notifications” in a way that I haven’t really experienced in the tame walled garden of Facebook.
How do you opt in? Well, it wouldn’t be any surprise if that was a new entry on my tech support blog, would it? 🙂

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