Social media really does matter to SEO

I’m fascinated to find that a Web site that my friend Christian Toto (film critic at What Would Toto Watch) and I (under the aegis of my Dave On Film blog) are building out and experimenting with has pulled directly into the #1 slot on Google for our catch phrase, yet it has no incoming links other than a post on Facebook and another on Google Plus.
Here’s the Google search result for the phrase “dinner with a critic”:

google search results

I realize that it’s a perfect match for our domain name (which is, ingeniously enough, but that wouldn’t explain moving into the #1 position on a search that has 13.1 million results. Is it because I’m logged in to Google? No, I had a number of other people do the same search and report the same #1 match.
Think about it: there are no incoming links for this site, I’ve never submitted it with Google, and a week ago it was available for registration. I post a note on Facebook with the clickable URL and another on Google Plus similar, and less than 48 hours later it’s top ‘o the charts on the search for dinner with a critic.
Now tell me again why you think that social media isn’t relevant to search results placement?

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