The micro-land rush of Facebook Custom URLs

I succumbed, as you can see with this sequence of images:

facebook username url 1

Finally, the seconds count down and …
facebook username url 2

Whoo hoo! Imagine a digital version of settlers in their wagons rushing across the plains to stake down their prime real estate. Um, kind of. A click on the “Continue” button and:
facebook username url 3

What the hell? Seven seconds have elapsed and someone’s already nailed “DaveTaylor” (and “dave” and “taylor” and “dave.taylor”) custom URLs? I surmise someone had a name reserved for them, somehow.
Ah well, I have another one that I commonly use, “d1taylor”, so that’s what I try instead:
facebook username url 4

facebook username url 5

Done. Now you can click on to find me.
Now, does anyone care?

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