3 comments on “Recommended Facebook Privacy Settings: Everyone?

  1. Really nice article about Facebook privacy settings. I personally believe in keeping my Facebook profile public. But you made a good point there, I don’t want give my personal information on a website, like my birthday or anything.

  2. Dave – I couldn’t agrre more. Facebook should be pelted with rotten fruit and fetid rodent carcasses in the most public way possible for this outrage. Legions of young people (my daughter included) are being encouraged to expose personal details for the benefit of those with questionable motives. My daughter recently had her passport ripped off and now together with her “recommended” personal details being splashed all over the internet the thieves can finish the job and steal her identity wholesale, not to mention now having a significantly better chance of hacking her bank account. I am blazing!!! I suspect that cash is behind this… I mean, are Facebook being given a massive bung by advertisers, encouraging them to junk any last vestiges of morality they might have? I can see such advertisers now,rubbing their hands with venal glee at being given access to half a planet’s worth of highly lucrative demographic data. The whole thing has the bad smell of faceless corporations; inhuman, uncontrollable parasitic systems labouring to turn human beings into bloodless economic units….

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