My new book “Solaris for Dummies” arrives

I just checked the Dummies web site and my new book, Solaris 9 for Dummies has arrived, but they list me as David Taylor. Man, don’t they read my weblog?!?!? I’ve already had a rant about this! (and yes, I also sent them quite pointed email on this subject). Perhaps fortunately, I can’t tell on their cover shot whether they’re still listing me on the cover as “David”, but I sure hope that when I get the actual book that they’ve fixed it! This reminds me of my friend Tara Calishain, who had her name misspelled on the first printing of her best-selling Google Hacks book. Sheesh!!

2 comments on “My new book “Solaris for Dummies” arrives

  1. If you look really closely at the cover shot, it is David.
    Hello, btw. Found you off the Gnomedex blogroll. See you in Des Moines!

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