Car navigation system with TV tuner, from Mio. WTH??

I read the following press release this morning with increasing disbelief:

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -06/03/2009) – When your passengers sleep as you drive, do you feel lonely? Mio, one of the leading makers of PNDs (Portable Navigation Devices), has insightfully launched its first comprehensive range of PNDs with built-in TV tuners – Mio Moov V500 and V700 range at Computex Taipei 2009 today. Featuring 4.7″ and 7″ widescreens respectively, the two devices are expected to bring a new vision to the world of navigation.

I can only assume that the Mio design team doesn’t ever actually drive at night because I can’t imagine anything more dangerous than a dashboard-mounted GPS system that is serving as a TV screen while you’re barreling along at 80mph.

You can see what they’re thinking by this product shot:

mio gps navigator with tv.jpg

Um, please, Federal Trade Commission, do not let this product be sold in the United States any time soon. It’s bad enough when people are screwing around on their cellphones while driving at night, do we really want to encourage them to watch TV while driving so that they’re not “lonely because their passengers are asleep?”

The mind boggles.


4 comments on “Car navigation system with TV tuner, from Mio. WTH??

  1. Insane! One glance at any screen while driving at night would blind you for several seconds. And from one who HAS hit a cow (he was black…almost invisible…I swear), I can tell you we do not need any help hitting them. That advert is easily misunderstood as negative advertising, i.e. “watch this and hit cows”.
    I see these in China all the time. Not a good idea anywhere, but China simply does not have the traffic the US does. These things are “death on the dash”.

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