Twitter is down! Now what?

This morning Twitter is apparently offline, and in the flurry of panicked messages I saw on Facebook about the problem, one stuck out, from my friend Monika Runstrom. I asked her to elaborate on her thoughts regarding what to do when Twitter’s offline and here’s what she came up with…

Twitter is down….Now what?

This is a question that I haven’t had to ask myself in…years! I kind of forgot about the days when the Twitter Fail Whale made appearances often. And yet, here I am in 2012, completely surprised that I do not have a way to connect with my followers.
Now to be fair, I actually hadn’t realized Twitter was down until a friend G-chatted me and asked if I could tweet, because he couldn’t. It wasn’t until that moment that I suddenly had SO much that needed to be said…Immediately.
Since that moment, I have done the same thing that many others did: turned to Facebook to update my status to let the world know that I was aware that Twitter was, in fact, down. I have read through all my friend’s status updates from the past 3 days, updated my Facebook profile photo, and started adding more photos to my Pinterest food board.
With so many other social networks to turn to, I am at a loss which to turn to!
On Facebook I could:
· Go through my privacy settings
· Clean up and manage my subscriptions
· Unlike some of the brands I have liked due to work
On Pinterest I could:
· Create more organized boards
· Follow creative people and pin projects I will never attempt
On Google+ I could:
· Actually log in and poke around
· Create a hangout with friends
· Add people to cirlces
· Post something about Twitter being down and ask if anyone knows why
On my blog:
· Queue up some posts
· Work on formatting
· Update WordPress
· Attempt to get to inbox zero
· Unsubscribe from the million Group-esque sites that I never open
All in all, I guess I should start being productive instead of hitting refresh on Twitter until something loads. Or maybe I’ll just keep pushing “reload”…
What do you do when Twitter goes down?

Monika Runstrom is a lover of music & concerts, blogger (@theindiebitches), tech junkie, drinker of beer, wine and whiskey (not usually at once) & Account Manager at @theblogfrog.

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