How not to email someone a press release

Do I even need to add a comment about how this has no information about what the release addresses and how it’s a waste of time and bandwidth, and how the vast majority of recipients will simply delete it without ever clicking on the PDF?

bad press release

What would you do if you received this and they weren’t your absolute all-time favorite company?

4 comments on “How not to email someone a press release

  1. Delete. There should at *least* be a synopsis in the email to make me want to click for more information. And I wouldn’t attach it – I’d link to it. MHO, of course 😉

  2. I’d mail them back and say that due to recent vulnerabilities exposed in Adobe Reader, I only open PDF files from trusted sources and only when there’s enough introductory text to both make it seem like a human sent it and to explain what’s in it so I have an incentive to open it.
    Then say that this is an automated message and their e-mail was discarded.

  3. yup, I would delete it and not even mail them back. Future mails from them will land in the spam-folder.

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