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I’m looking forward to helping organize the upcoming Global PR Blog Week 2.0 online conference event, and would like to extend an invitation for others interested in talking about the future of public relations to get involved too. And while I’m talking about blogging events, do pop over and learn more about my upcoming Blog Smart! business blogging workshop too.

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Here’s the scoop: “Global PR Blog Week 2.0 is an online conference on how new media technologies are changing the practice of public relations and corporate communications. We’re talking weblogs and participatory journalism, wikis, podcasting, and RSS – but the list of topics is open. Global PR Blog Week 2.0 will follow the success of last year’s ground-breaking first such event.”

The event will be held some time between May and October 2005 on the web, of course, at Go ahead, bookmark it (or subscribe to the RSS feed). I’ll wait here.
Okay. Now here’s some more useful information from the organizers:
Who should get involved? People interested in the subject of the conference. You don’t have to be a blogger in order to participate.
You can be an organizer. We need a small, results-oriented, consensus-driven 🙂 group of people that will take care of all the aspects of the conference: hosting, web design, press release writing, editing, communicating with participants, etc. All organizers are volunteers, and they will receive credit for their contribution. (See later in this post for contact information.)
You can be a participant, if you are interested in posting an original, consistent article, or an audio interview/debate (podcast) on the conference’s weblog.
The number of people blogging on PR-related issues has grown since July 2004, from about 30 to more than 180. We�ll have to find a way to:

  • Have great quality content
  • Accommodate as many participants as possible
  • Encourage new voices to join the conversation
  • Organize the content in a way that makes sense for readers.

Strongly encouraged:

  • Original content. No republishing or refactoring of old articles.
  • Fresh content. Not yet another �blogging is good for business� type of article.
  • Research. Quantitative research, case studies, best practices.
  • Collaboration. Articles written by two or more authors.
  • Group discussions. Podcasts featuring more than one interviewee. Round tables. Debates.
  • Non-commercial, non-partisan approach. Don�t pimp your company, services, or expertize; put everything in a larger context.

There are many decisions to be made: what topics should be excluded, if the numbers of postings/participant should be limited, how to select postings/authors, who will make the selection and on what criteria, and so on.

  1. If you want to participate in the decision making process, subscribe to the discussion list available at (send an e-mail to prblogweek2-subscribe at – your subscription will be approved in the next 12 hours). Please note that, for transparency purposes, this is a PUBLIC list, so all messages and archives are public. No other data (like e-mail addresses) are public.
  2. If you DON�T want to participate in the decision process, but you DO WANT to participate in the event, then please send an e-mail to Constantin Basturea (cbasturea at or Elizabeth Albrycht (ealb at with the title of the article/ posting/ podcast you want to contribute, and we�ll add it to a special page on the NewPR Wiki. Later, you might have to send a half-page summary of your contribution.

The weblog�s content will be licensed under a Creative Commons license (its type will be determined later).
Get Updates
If you want to get updates about the event, you can:
Watch this page on the NewPR Wiki:

Subscribe to the RSS feed of the discussion groups:
Read the messages on the discussion list:
Subscribe to Global PR Blog Week�s RSS feed:
Spread the Word
Feel free to post this announcement on your weblog, or to e-mail it to someone who might be interested in participating.
I first saw information about this event at Neville Hobson’s NevOn weblog.

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