Wonder what people search for online?

You should be able to guess when you think about what obsesses our culture, but according to Wordtracker, here’s the list of the twenty most common search terms in the last 60 days on the major search engines. (A few I’ve lightly censored):

Nos       Count         Keyword
1         265099        sex
2         188506        porn
3         175159        paris hilton
4         135572        p*ssy
5         129597        google
6         128705        ebay
7         110885        yahoo
8         100634        jokes
9         100403        health
10        91614         t*ts
11        89792         b**bs
12        85774         hentai
13        85388         free porn
14        83837         milf
15        75032         paris hilton video
16        74723         nude
17        73954         games
18        67431         yahoo.com
19        66188         dictionary
20        65205         mapquest

What’s most interesting to me is that search engines are such popular search terms on search engines. What’s that all about, d’ya think?

3 comments on “Wonder what people search for online?

  1. my own experience has been that people are treating their address bar like a search bar instead of just entering the address for the search engine.
    “How do I find ‘www.yahoo.com’???, I know, I’ll type it into google’s search engine and then click on the link that it gives me..”

  2. It would be interesting to see just how many people from yahoo search for google and vice versa (be search engine specific)…
    It would also be funny if you searched for yahoo on google, and then result number one was http://www.google.com =-)..
    Theres a lot of h*rny people out there.

  3. i read alot the expressuion MILF’s what do they mean it has something to do with sex i think? thank You tere must be many not in porn industry like me that do not know this expression?
    thank you Alois

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