Did you see me on The Screen Savers (Tech TV)?

I had a great experience Monday afternoon visiting The Screen Savers, one of the top programs on the Tech TV network. Why was I on TV? Patrick Norton, co-host of the show, interviewed me about my latest book, Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, and though you’d think that it wouldn’t be very interesting to talk about – and demonstrate – shell scripts on a TV show, we had a good time.

I have to say that during the earlier segment of the show they demonstrated a 3D immersive wargame called Far Cry, and then Patrick and I discussed whether the 3D immersive graphically rich version of hangman from my book – minus the 3D immersive graphically rich part, of course, since it’s just ASCII – would be a good demo. We decided probably not.

Just as fun: my book is now in their bookcase if you have eagle eyes or happen to be on their set in San Francisco: fourth book from the left. 🙂

6 comments on “Did you see me on The Screen Savers (Tech TV)?

  1. I have been so busy this week with work that I have all of this weeks episodes still sitting on my Tivo unwatched.
    Was it Monday’s episode? (just so I know where to go first!) 🙂

  2. Sheesh… I’m only now catching up with my blogging and email – you must have thought I was really not with it when I saw you – so, belated w00t! to you!

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