Twitter “virus” via video, I don’t think so!

I don’t get it. Are people really this clueless in the social media world?
I woke up this morning to boldface warnings New virus on Twitter! Don’t click on video links in DMs!
Of course, it didn’t take long for me to get one:

twitter dm video virus

Being the reckless tech guy I am (and running on a Mac, not PC, so far, far less susceptible to viruses), I clicked on the link anyway, and got this:
twitter dm video virus phishing

Ah, okay, so, duh. Here’s an easy rule of thumb:

Never share your social media credentials with other sites!

Surely you, dear reader, aren’t so daft that you’d click on a link to see a video and then blindly log in to what appears to be Twitter to do so?
Btw, if you’re curious, enter random user credentials on the phishing (NOT virus!) login screen, then you’ll see a failwhale screen, then you’ll be bounced to some random blog that doesn’t even have an entry.

4 comments on “Twitter “virus” via video, I don’t think so!

  1. Thanks for posting those screen shots.
    Good to know it isn’t a virus.
    But how did that twitter account get compromised to send you the DM in the first place?
    I’ve gotten 2 today – didn’t click anything.
    I thought it was unlikely that TPC sawgrass had video of me since I hadn’t been there in years….

  2. Not sure what you’re asking, Sullivan. If you’ve gone onto this site and entered your Twitter credentials, go NOW, not in ten minutes, to the twitter site (TYPE IN “”) and change your password.

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