The “slashdot effect” hits. Again. :-)

I’m pleased to say that my book Wicked Cool Shell Scripts has not only been reviewed today on slashdot, but that it was given a rare and exalted rating of 10 out of 10 there. Many thanks to my savvy and insightful reviewer for this prize!

The down side is that all of those millions of geeks from slashdot are now checking out the web site for the book and, well, it’s one heck of a lot of traffic. Like 20-30 site hits per second. Which means that my server is a bit busy right now and not always able to respond promptly to page queries. This is what us geeks call “the slashdot effect”, where you get such an increase in Web site traffic out of the blue that your system just gasps and dies. Not good.

Fortunately, my Verio VPS system is hanging in there, just running slowly. Very slowly. But, oh, for what a delightful reason.

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