A job you probably don’t really want…

I’m browsing through the local Westside Star, the local paper here at the Lake of the Ozarks, when I see the following (real, untouched) advertisement in the classifieds section:

for artificial insemination crews out
of Gravois Mills area. Call (573) 374-
7080 or 877-330-7869

I can’t imagine how that job might be, and wonder if what they instead need are sexier turkeys? Maybe it’s another situation where they need a a new sponsor and a new way of thinking about things?

One comment on “A job you probably don’t really want…

  1. A friend of mine said he knew a woman who graduated with a degree in biology, and found a job working for an artificial insemination company. She would stand next to a conveyer belt, as male pigs rode by. One by one they would stop in front of her, and she’d use her rubber gloves and a test tube to, um *obtain* a sample. I always wondered what you do with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Guess that answers it. 🙂

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