The amazing value of a GMail invitation!

So I apparently have one of the most valuable commodities on the Internet in my hands now: the ability to invite someone to join Gmail and get an account. Don’t believe me? Check out Gmail Swap, a site that lists the things people will swap or offer for an account on Gmail!

It’s pretty amazing what people are posting here, including a pet mouse, a bottle of whiskey, a pot of fresh spaghetti sauce, lingerie, chocolate, and even pictures of people naked or “doing stuff with their bf”.

Here’s a bigger list, for your amusement:

  • a vintage photograph of Ernie & Bert
  • a hookah from Cairo
  • recordings and a hug from a member of the drum corps
  • the services of a fire-spinner, didgeridoo-player, and photographer
  • live phone-cam images from the Stanley Cup Finals
  • an introduction to tiddly-winks from the #1-ranked high-school player in the world
  • a slide-rule (with instructions)
  • a formal dinner at Oxford University’s Worcester College
  • the location and combination of a bank’s money-filled safe
  • NYC lox and bagels
  • a mystery present on your birthday
  • an original remix of a song of your choosing
  • butter-knives from the Great Depression, with ivory
  • homemade curry powder, from a secret recipe
  • be the godparent of someone’s next child
  • a scenic flight near Atlanta, by a law student
  • a professional Seattle photo-shoot
  • fishing advice from northern Saskatchewan
  • scorpions
  • a custom-made candle – choose the colour, shape and scent
  • a Mac Classic from a conceptual saint
  • be listed in an album’s liner notes
  • Texas BBQ ribs
  • a collection of Iron Maiden records
  • an authentic bible signed by Jesus
  • a Volvo-led tour of Memphis, TN
  • a night tour of San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • this bartender will name a drink after you

And this, believe it or not, it just the tip of the iceberg.

All for a Gmail account. Who knew?

34 comments on “The amazing value of a GMail invitation!

  1. I love GmailSwap. It’s so much fun watching how creative people are in their quest for an invite. The price of one on eBay continues to rise as well. Silly people, Gmail’s for geeks!

  2. Can i have a Gmail invitation if available???
    my mail is peterpan2mail[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Thanx for advance!!

  3. I don’t only want a gmail a/c but i NEED one.
    Well… I may not have a strong reason from your point of view, but i really need one. I am living in Hong Kong and i am going to student in one of the Universities in USA.
    My parents and family miss me a lot and so do I. We usually send digital photos to each other. We do it frequently and we found a problem, our existing email accout is getting full always. And i was banned for 1 week due to having my capicity over 90% for a long time.
    So i try teaching my old parents to try instant messengers so that we can send photos without email. But seems that they rather stick to email. Which is very frustrating, because we really miss each other a lot and need a good email
    So would you kindly send me a gmail invitation at ??
    Thanks a lot and i promise, if i get a quota later, i will give u back

  4. something FUN,Eh? I am pretty sure that i can give you something fun and promisse to give my best at it if you send me invitation.I will give you no money,but i promisse to give you my friendship and anything that is fun to the known world.When i get a favour,I remember it well and give it back.If you need any help,i will be on your side in the bourders of the web,ofcourse…
    be a friend and give five minutes of your time to send un invitation to my email:

  5. Dear all…
    As a token of my new year wish, I am going to let out 6 gmail invitation to anyone who is not from Bangladesh.
    This is an attempt to have a global friendship opportunity.

  6. i have just opened a gmail account but am not abale to invite anyone…can anyone tell me how to invite ppplzs

  7. Since everyone is so eager to get GMAIL invitations, and since I *have* invitations to disseminate, here’s my deal for everyone who comes by this page looking for an invite: Go to the following page:
    and find two different Web sites where you can add a link to my Ask Dave Taylor weblog. Then email me with those two page URLs and I’ll send you along a gmail invitation. That shouldn’t be too hard!!

  8. Hello to those who want or need free GMail Accounts,
    I have 50 to give. Just e-mail me at the address above and it is yours for the asking.
    PuP Field

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