Colorado Biz Buzz is hiring field marketers throughout Colorado

I am posting this job listing on behalf of my friend Ashley Kingsley, who is helping launch a site that will give us Coloradoans a directory of restaurants, theaters, nightclubs, art festivals and other events and venues, all with individual reviews by people like you. This can be full or part time, and sounds like it could be really fun if you like to travel and explore the state. Here’s what she says about the position (contact info is at the end):

We are launching a new website in Denver in late August that is designed to operate like a search engine for COLORADO! Not only can you search any business within 5-100 miles of your zip code, you can make educated decisions when choosing who to do business with based on consumer reviews.
We are looking for Field Marketers to get out and about with laptops provided by the company and get reviews from people that are local to Colorado. We are populating the site with consumer reviews before launch!
We are hiring 5 more people (we already have 10) to join the team!

  • Natural Leaders
  • People that know how to “read” a situation and make decisions based on their surroundings. IE: locations, demographics, and know how to assess a situation.
  • Familiar with Grassroots Marketing & Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Computer Savvy
  • Punctual, Reliable, with a strong desire to succeed
  • People who KNOW Denver, surround areas
  • Must have car/Bike
  • Self-Motivated

We are owned by a company out of Charleston, South Carolina. We are part of a big media conglomerate with Radio/TV/Newspapers all over the country. Our website is Colorado Biz (please surf and do a few reviews!)
We have over 600 employees in SC and we have 8 here in Denver. This position will go through September and pays $12/hour + incentives based on performance. We also pay $0.34 on the mile (only when a designated location you are sent to does not work out) we pay any extra travel you incur when we send you to a new location. You will also be reimbursed for parking cost for every hour that your work. If you work an 8 hour shift and have to plug a meter / or park in a paid parking lot- you get $1 per hour for every hour your work.
We are looking for full time/part time and people (based on performance) can travel into Fort Collins, Durango, Colorado Springs, Boulder, etc. to work for a few days on obtaining reviews for these regions of Colorado!
This is a FUN position as well as a challenging position! You are sent to festivals, parks, farmer’s markets, pools, dog parks, malls, etc.
Please send cover letter along with your resume to ashley at

Final note from Dave: As they’re hoping to hire the entire team by the end of July, 2008, I’ll likely delete this posting once Ashley tells me the positions are filled.

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