“Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger” arrives!

Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger

I’m delighted to have received the first copy of my new book Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger from O’Reilly yesterday, and I must say that not only am I thrilled to have such a darn cute baby tiger on the cover (Thanks, Dale!) but pleased at how well this fourth revision of the book has come out.
In its concise format, this brand new book does a splendid job of showing you why the Unix underneath your pretty Tiger operating system is worth befriending, and how it can will make you a true Mac power user (and more efficient too!)
We now have review copies of Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger available to anyone who has a venue where they can publish their review: if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with your request! And, yes, widely read blogs count as a publishing venue too, of course.

Here’s more information about Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger, to pique your interest:


1. Why Use Unix?
     The Power of Unix
     Thousands of Free Applications
     Power Internet Connections
     A Simple Guided (Unix) Tour
     The 10 Most Common Unix Commands

2. Using the Terminal
     Launching the Terminal
     Customizing Your Terminal Session
     Working with the Terminal
     Customizing the Shell Environment
     Advanced Shell Customization
     The Unresponsive Terminal

3. Exploring the Filesystem
     The Mac OS X Filesystem
     Listing Files and Directories
     Protecting and Sharing Files
     Changing Your Password
     Superuser Privileges with sudo
     Exploring External Volumes

4. File Management
     File and Directory Names
     File and Directory Wildcards
     Looking Inside Files
     Creating and Editing Files
     Managing Files

5. Finding Files and Information
     The Oddly Named grep Command
     Finding Files with locate
     Using Find to Explore Your Filesystem
     Shining a Light on Spotlight

6. Redirecting I/O
     Standard Input and Standard Output
     Pipes and Filters

7. Multitasking
     Running a Command in the Background
     Checking on a Process
     Canceling a Process
     Launching GUI Applications

8. Taking Unix Online
     Remote Logins
     Transferring Files

9. Of Windows and X11
     X11 and the Internet

10. Open Source Software Via Fink
     Installing Fink
     Using FinkCommander
     Some Picks

11. Where to Go from Here
     Customizing your Unix Experience

We also have a sample chapter online, if you’d like to read about Taking Unix Online (chapter 8, this is a PDF).

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