The kind of letter you like to get from your publisher…

Got this in the afternoon emailbag:

Wicked Cool Shell ScriptsHi Dave,
We’re going to start a reprint of Wicked Cool Shell Scripts!
We have the opportunity at this time to fix any errata that have surfaced since the last printing. Do you have anything that you’ve noticed or has been brought to your attention that you’d like to fix? If so, please email me page numbers and descriptions, and we can replace the necessary pages for the reprint.
Thanks so much!
Kathleen Mish
Production Assistant

What can I say? This is the second reprinting of my book Wicked Cool Shell Scripts and I think it’s now safe to say that it’s popular!
What’s that, you’re a Linux or Unix geek, you like digging into the internals of Mac OS X, and you haven’t yet bought a copy of the book? That’s an outrage! Please, buy a copy today, it’s the most enjoyable geeky programming book you’ll read in 2008!
Remember, there’s a reason that MacInTech said “This incredibly fun book (really!), written by Dave Taylor, a veteran UNIX, Solaris and Mac OS X author, is chock full of 101 scripts to customize the UNIX (Bourne) shell…” when they reviewed it!

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