Annoying Mac OS X Leopard Finder Stacks bug

Okay, I have to vent a bit. I download software from the net on my MacBook Pro and while I appreciate that Mac OS X keeps track and warns me before I run anything downloaded, what I don’t appreciate is that the icon for the application starts out as a “don’t run me” icon that’s part of the system.
But, no, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is that the system doesn’t seem to know when it is safe to restore it to the regular icon, and given the way that Stacks works, it’s really lame to have the “don’t run me” icon staring me in the face from the Dock. Here, you can see what I mean:

Leopard (Mac OS X) Stacks showing Applications Folder

When I click on it, you can more easily see what’s going on:
Leopard (Mac OS X) Stacks showing Applications Folder: Bad App Icon

This would be fine, except I’ve already launched and run VMware Fusion a couple of times, so the icon should have already been restored to its proper state.
Apple? When might we see this annoying bug squashed?

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