Earn More from AdSense with Joel Comm’s new “AdSense Secrets 4.0”

If you’ve never delved into the world of Internet marketing, you might be a bit surprised to find out that there’s a whole world of sharp folk who are selling the dream to hundreds, if not thousands, of people every month. Some of them apply what they learn and themselves become success stories, and I’ve had the privilege of meeting quite a few of those too. For many, it’s just a dream, but for the few who do something with the knowledge they gain, it really can be a pathway to greater success.
Joel Comm's AdSense Secrets 4.0 book, coverWhile I generally hang around executives and startup entrepreneurs, I also have quite a few friends in the Internet marketing space, including the Stompernet team, and I even occasionally speak at an Internet marketing event, though I generally don’t have the right kind of products for those to be profitable for me.
Another “IM” guy who lives just a few miles from me and has helped me out quite a bit over the years with inspiration regarding making money online is Joel Comm. He really made a name for himself in the AdSense space, but he also created The Next Internet Millionaire and many other creative online properties.
More importantly, Joel wrote what is still one of the very best books on how to actually make money with Google AdSense, his The AdSense Code book. I have a copy (signed, natch!) and found it a great reference for different ways you can integrate AdSense into your site to maximize your earnings.
The big news is that he’s just released the fourth edition of this book (now titled AdSense Secrets) and he’s priced it sufficiently low that it’s crazy for you not to just click on the link and buy a copy: $9.95.

> > Click here to buy a copy of “AdSense Secrets 4.0” for only $9.95 < <

Wade through all the sales copy, or just skip to the bottom for the ‘buy’ button. 🙂

I will note that this is an ebook, so you’ll be able to drop this onto your iPhone, PDA or other portable device and absorb the information in bite-size chunks as you have the time. Or, better, sit down one afternoon, pad in hand, and go through the entire book, writing action items and to-do items as you go. It’ll definitely pay for itself!

Disclaimer: I think I already stated it clearly above, but Joel’s a friend, and the link I’m using is an affiliate link: if you buy his ebook through my link, I make a buck too, which helps me stay in business. That’s a good thing. 🙂

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