Listen in to our Amazing AdWords Results conference call, free!

In just a few days, I’ll be launching a new six-part telecourse on Google AdWords with my friend and Google AdWords Pro Joy Milkowski and I’d like to invite you, my faithful blog reader, to join us on the first call for free.
Blogsmart!Truth be told, I’m actually pretty excited to get started with the course, Amazing Results with Google AdSense next week. What’s most intriguing me is the question of whether bloggers can effectively use a pay-per-click program like AdWords to generate and drive targeted traffic to their blogs. I have a sense that the answer is most definitely YES, but I also know from experience that it’s all too easy to spend far more than you want on AdWords or related programs.
That’s one of the main reasons I consented to host the course. The other being that Joy is just a great person, sharp as a tack, enthusiastic, and funny. We’re going to have lots of fun with the course, I am sure!
So, please, do try and join us for the first call, where we’ll offer up a critically useful overview of AdWords and the three aspects of AdWords that you must understand before you pay a dime for a click. We’ll also talk about the other five calls and exactly what we’ll be exploring, including, I’m sure, the relationship between AdWords and blogging.
Here are the call details:
Date: Oct. 16th
Time: 12pm-1:00pm PST / 3:00pm-4:00pm EST
Phone: 435-871-6000
Access PIN: 173411#
Your best bet, however, is to pop over to our site and sign up for the AdWords info mailing list too, so you can get a copy of our class handout and other prep materials:
    Amazing Results with AdWords
Feel free to share this information with your colleagues too and even blog about it if you’re so inspired. We have lots of capacity for that first call! 🙂

And while I have the space, have I mentioned that you really should be signing up for the Blogsmart News while you’re on that site? Every week I send out another insider newsletter with smart, behind the scenes information on how to build and maintain a popular and successful blog, case studies on what I’m doing, and much more.
It’s free and there are, well, let’s just say “lots” of subscribers and leave it at that. Suffice to say that every issue is packed with cool ideas and information.
Here’s just a sample of what you would have learned this week if you were a subscriber:

There’s an old joke I like to tell about the difference between a wizard and a guru: a wizard is someone who can magically do things, but a guru is someone who knows who to ask for the solution. Me? I’d much rather be a guru than a wizard. This applies to so many walks of life, but in the blogging world it’s beautifully illustrated by the value of email interviews.
You don’t have to be a trained journalist to interview someone either. Just email them and ask if they’ll participate, then send along 5-10 open ended questions and wait for their response. Copy, paste, publish. Easy!

Sound like it could be useful and inspiring for you as you learn more about blogging and try to keep up your momentum as the thrill of the first few days or weeks wears off?
I hope so. Please, just scroll down a wee bit on this very page and you’ll find a convenient signup form. Even better, sign up for the list and you’ll get a free ebook from me, my “Insider’s Guide to Blogging”. It’s a good read!
Either way, I hope to have you join us for the AdWords call, and, perhaps the course itself: Amazing Results with AdWords.

One comment on “Listen in to our Amazing AdWords Results conference call, free!

  1. I missed the phone opportunity but I would like to mention that Google Adwords hasn’t had as big an impact on increasing my website traffic as the nature of my blog content. I actually have the impression that the blog attracts the visitors and the Adwords is just a bonus. So many people are now using tactics like Google Adwords, Adsense and Payperclick that these strategies don’t seem to be a unique draw as they might’ve been earlier on. They offer their own benefits but I’m not yet convinced they are the cherry on a whipped cream-covered cake of blogging.

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