The nightly popularity contest of social networks

As I am currently many time zones away from just about everyone who reads this blog (I’m on Hawaiian time) when I wake up and first check my email, it’s already mid-day on the continental United States and I am noting an interesting phenomenon: with all the social network notifications that I receive, every morning is like a mini-popularity contest now.
Well, maybe a popularity contest of just me, because I can’t see what level of invites other people are getting, of course!
Whether it’s someone who is now following my Twitter feed or FriendFeed, or friended me on Facebook, LinkedIn or even become my pal on Digg, it’s a fascinating experience. (I don’t get notifications from MySpace because I receive 20-40 friend requests each day, usually from spambots)
This morning, for example, I wake up to see that Steve Rubel has subscribed to my FriendFeed, Kealeboga Segola has added me as a friend on Facebook, Dave Henderson and condredege are now following me on Twitter and Marvin Turner, JD MBA has forwarded me an introduction on LinkedIn.
I wonder whether the growing popularity of social networks is simply because of this daily affirmation that we’re popular and have even more friends than we did yesterday…

4 comments on “The nightly popularity contest of social networks

  1. The one that seems weirdest to me is when people are desperate to Twitter a certain amount, or they announce they have just made 1,000 updates, etc. It doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment – just like noise to me.
    Anyway, enjoy Hawaii! Wish I were there with you and Andy.. for a serious marketing mind meld and then catching some waves 😉

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