Learn about Linux shells and shell scripting

Starting with the August 2004 issue, I am now contributing a monthly column on shell scripting basics to LinuxWorld Magazine called Wicked Cool Linux. So far we have two columns published and I have two more “in the bag”, queued for publication.

What’s nice is that SYSCON, the publishers of LinuxWorld, uses the creative commons license for the material so unlike the articles I write for other publications, I’m free to reproduce my Wicked Cool Linux columns on my own Web site. And I’ve done so! Please take a minute and check out my new archive at http://linux.intuitive.com/ and if it looks good, please subscribe to the magazine or at least bookmark the page and come back every month for a new installment of my column.

2 comments on “Learn about Linux shells and shell scripting

  1. Dave, any thought on providing an RSS or other feed for your Wicked Cool Linux columns? It would be great to have the feed to check rather than forgetting about this section being here. Regards.

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