Ten Quick Steps to learning lots of stuff…

My friend and colleague David Lawrence (whom you might know from his national radio show Online Tonight with David Lawrence) has been building a very nice online ebook store called Ten Quick Steps. I’ve written up a short primer on working with Mac OS X Panther on the command line, and for only $10, it’s a cheap way to get going right now with harnessing the power of the Mac OS X command line. You can check it out at 10 Quick Steps to Learning Mac OS X Unix.

But there are plenty of other ebooks he has online too, many written by other friends of mine, interestingly….

I haven’t read all of these guides – any of which you can also get as an MP3 audio book – but I know all these authors and they’re all experts and great communicators, so odds are good the books are good too. 🙂

Read one? Let us know what you thought!

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