Getting Online at the Magic Kingdom

I’ve traveled a fair bit and have used hotel-based “Lodgenet” and similar high-speed net access points, so when I read in All-Ears News, the great Disney newsletter from Deb and gang at the Walt Disney World Information Guide, that Disney was rolling out high-speed Internet access in their resorts across the next 12 months, it caught my eye. However — and this is the weird thing — they are apparently going to be requiring that you bring your own Ethernet cable to hook up.

I can just see visiting a Disney memorabilia shop on the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney to browse the souvenir pens, sweatshirts, cars, and… Ethernet cables. And surely there’ll be a funny name for them too? Perhaps a “PlutoNet” cable? (after all, you know that the Disney computer store would already have Mickey Mouse’s on the shelves, and perhaps even Minnie-USB hubs too…)

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