Lack of quality control on Facebook ads leads to…

There’s really no nice way to say this. You just need to see the ad:

tacky facebook advert

Ayup, spell one word wrong in your ad title and the meaning changes rather dramatically, to say the least.
The problem here is that Facebook, for all it has an interesting self-service advertising model, also suffers from the problem of user-generated content. Ultimately this is not serving the community well, and I expect that either ads over time will prove less and less effective as users learn to tune them out, or that Facebook will need to hire quality control folks…
What’s your reaction to the advertisement above?

5 comments on “Lack of quality control on Facebook ads leads to…

  1. It seems like Zoosk let’s you bypass the Facebook privacy settings and look at pictures you normally can’t see and that the (wo)man who posted them didn’t want you to see.
    Not good for Facebook’s image in more ways than one.

  2. The ads are really an annoyance overall. The ads and the “suggestions” for additional friends on FaceBook have little relevance to my activities and interactions with others on the site.

  3. I find some of these Facebook ads quite amusing. I usually get one that says something like “Do you know who’s looking for you?” accompanied by a picture much like the attractive young female shown here. I’m on the other side of 50. The chances that this hot young babe is looking for me is very slim. Not that my ego doesn’t think it would be wise of her to be attracted to me, the odds are against it. Unless she thinks I’m her father?

  4. I am new to FB as we call it. (It could mean something else if I let my mind wander). It only took me 2 months of looking at all those adds to determine they are about 98% hog wash. So, other that playing a game with friends and chatting a bit…. I’ve turned a blind eye to the adverts. Maybe FB is relying on it’s large member base to turn a profit for advertizement.
    Does anyone remember AOL?
    What happened to them anyways?
    Maybe the twin peaks is the answer! Nice!

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