It had to happen eventually… Pet Rocks on the Web

Alright, it’s actually a site that talks about lots of fad items, but it’s sure entertaining and worth visiting: Crazy Fads. Some of the material listed is obviously “fad” stuff, including flagpole sitting, goldfish swallowing (yech!), streakers and, yes, pet rocks, but other stuff doesn’t seem faddish at all, like tie-dye t-shirts (hey! I have some!) tattoos and stamp collecting. Of course, if you dig around on the site, you’ll find that it’s really just a front door: all the ‘more info’ pages are on other Web sites, but, still, I’ll give them credit. It’s entertaining information that’s presented well.

2 comments on “It had to happen eventually… Pet Rocks on the Web

  1. The Pet Rocks “fad” isn’t over – I run a business selling various rocks as pets. Half my income at present comes from it.
    If you’re interested, visit my site:
    Hard Pets Inc.

  2. Wow, that’s really great to hear. And now you can probably even offer home pages for pet rocks too, since we’re into the 21st century after all. 🙂

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