I’ve joined the Twitter generation, God help me

Twitter logoReady to learn everything you can about my going’s on and what I’m involved with? Are you a member of Twitter already?
Either way, I’m now on Twitter and am going to experiment with it while I’m at Blogworld Expo this week. Want to join the fun? Follow me at:
and do share in a few days whether it’s interesting to have information at that level of detail about my going’s on!

For those of you that haven’t explored Twitter before, by the way, it’s basically the Facebook ‘status message’ on steroids. Instead of once or twice a week changing your status from, say, “working” to “watching Blade Runner”, imagine a tool where those status messages were all there was and where it was trivially easy to update your message…
Now perhaps you’d be changing that status message 10-20 times/day, maybe “up, tired, long party last night” becomes “on train to work”, then “busy day, three meetings back-to-back. Where’s ‘pong’ when I need it?” to “lunch at Straight’s: Join me if you can, 12-1” to “one more $#$@ meeting. Ready to go home!” and on and on.
Some pundits are calling this “micro-blogging”, but I’m leery of intermingling the valuable publishing tool of blogging with the broadcast of the trivial emphasis (or at least common community usage) of Twitter.
Nonetheless, I suppose that if you “do it right” (whatever that means!) that you will be posting frequent updates regarding what you’re doing and where you are, which some people believe is the core function of blogging too.
I don’t. But that’s probably long since obvious!
Anyway, not sure if I have the interest level to keep Twittering for a long period, but at least for this week if you’re in Vegas and want to track me down, I encourage you to follow my Twitter stream!
Follow me at:

3 comments on “I’ve joined the Twitter generation, God help me

  1. I think it was that I see it as a valuable tool for keeping in touch with colleagues and friends at specific events we’re attending together. We’ll see. So far it seems to be rather an impressive stream of trivial mostly uninteresting information, but I’m still getting into it. 🙂

  2. Hey Dave, enjoy yourself with that Twitter account! I gave it a shot a couple of weeks ago and found the signal-to-noise ratio awful. I think the tool has potential but they need to add more configuration and filtering options first.

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