Random thoughts: When Intuitive Systems shuts down

It’s going to be a while yet, but whenever it’s World Cup time, I quit working and adjust my schedule to watch the best of the games. That’s why it was fun to see that my friend Dan now has a site selling soccer replica jerseys from teams around the world, including my favorite, the Tottenham Hotspurs. But, and here’s where this is a weird pairing, Dan also has sites on shed plans and plantar warts. How they all fit together, I don’t know, but I imagine it’s no weirder than my 404 error page site, my real life debt site and my casino bookstore site, right?

One comment on “Random thoughts: When Intuitive Systems shuts down

  1. Wow, thanks for the mentions, Dave! There’s a Tottenham Hotspurs jersey with your name on it … of course, it’s still in Thailand and will take weeks to get here. 🙂
    One correction … I don’t sell soccer replica jerseys … I just let folks know about what I’ve experienced first hand and point them to places where they can find both authentic soccer jerseys and knockoff soccer jerseys. FWIW, some of the knockoffs are quite good, actually, but others are horrid.
    If web empires were like Monopoly boards, it seems I’d be stuck in the Baltics and Mediterraneans … oh to venture to Marvin Gardens and the promised land of Boardwalk and Park Place …

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