How to tell if your publisher has a sense of humor

Just finished writing the introduction to Solaris for Dummies (which is the last thing written, not the first) and I’ve added a little test to see if the Dummies Press people have a sense of humor. 🙂 One of the paragraphs in the introduction, in the “What’s not covered” section, currently says:

“Speaking of missing topics, we also don’t cover programming, hacking into a Solaris system, or advanced system administration and network configuration topics. There are plenty of great books on those topics, including Java for Dummies and Exploiting Security Holes for Fun and Profit for Dummies (just kidding on that one!)”

The question is: will “Exploiting Security Holes for Fun and Profit for Dummies” remain in the final book, or will they yank it or alter it to avoid sullying the brand?

You can cast your vote on this vital topic by adding your own comment! 🙂

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