Spiffo holiday gift option: AnswerSquad Gift Certificates!

If you’ve read all the books, chatted on all the mailing lists, and still can’t quite get everything to work properly on your system, then you’ll be glad to hear about AnswerSquad, a cross-platform tech support option staffed by industry experts. But it’s not just Windows! You can also get help with your Macintosh, Linux system, and even figure out how to write that pesky Excel macro or debug that Python script, all for one low price.

And now you can share this with your friends too: AnswerSquad is offering Tech Support Gift Certificates for the holidays! What better way to get your friends and family to stop calling you when they have computer questions? 🙂

Oh yeah, disclaimer: I’m part of AnswerSquad. But I don’t wear bell-bottoms.

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