The easy way to be added to the Media on Twitter database

I’m helping out with the Media on Twitter project and would like to get your assistance building a large and useful database for reporters and new media folk alike.

It’s easy: just fill in the following TrackVia entry form:

Media on Twitter Submission Form

* = required field

Media First Name

Media Title/Beat *

Media Twitter ID *

Submitter Twitter ID *

Media Last Name

Media Outlet *

Media Country *

Submitter Email Address *

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So, for example, I’d use Dave Taylor, Business and Marketing, The Business Blog at, @DaveTaylor, United States.

Join the directory and get your Twitter ID out there, and when you’re done, send out a tweet about the project with the hashtag #mediatweet and, ideally, a mention of @DaveTaylor as how you heard about it. 🙂


Disclosure: the Media on Twitter project team is running a contest to see who can bring in the most entries, and your using my blog to do so will help me have a better chance of winning. Thanks!

2 comments on “The easy way to be added to the Media on Twitter database

  1. I signed up. Sounds interesting and hopefully *mutually* beneficial. I tweeted to somebody I think would be interested, but he asked a good question: what is this all about anyway? What really is the Media on Twitter project? Why does the @mediatweet user not have any updates at all? Just wondering.

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