Hmmm… what’s 700km from Pakistan?

And in the “good news” department (not!) today Pakistan successfully test-fired a surface-to-surface ballistic missile, the Shaheen-I, according to the Pakistani Daily Times. The Pakistani government public relations service ISPR stated that “Shaheen-I is capable of carrying all types of warheads up to 700 kilometres”. That means nukes, in case you’re wondering, and, yes, Pakistan is already purported to be a nuclear power.

So what’s within 700km miles? According to my estimates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and, of course, India. But don’t worry, they won’t use this new weapon (of course, weapons are made for theoretical research only, right?). Pakistani Major General Shaukat Sultan said “These tests do not have any connection to relations with India… These tests are to meet the technical requirements, that is all.” And we’re worried about North Korea being a powder keg?

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