Gnomedex 4.0: Chris Pirillo, geeks, and too much alcohol?

Is this marketing pitch really what you need nowadays to make your tech/geek event stand out from the masses? My pal Chris Pirillo has announced the fourth annual “Gnomedex” event for Sept/Oct of this year, but this time instead of being in scintillating Des Moines, Iowa, it’s in Lake Tahoe, California. And the first draft slogan for the event? martinis + laptops = BIG FUN!”

Chris, do we really need the alcohol as a marketing hook? Ah well, check it out yourself at Gnomedex 4.0.

As for me? I’ll probably be there. These events are definitely fun and a chance to meet some great ‘net folk. Who knows, maybe this year Chris’ll invite me to speak at Gnomedex. 🙂

2 comments on “Gnomedex 4.0: Chris Pirillo, geeks, and too much alcohol?

  1. That’s an interesting question, Dan. The Gnomedex 4.0 FAQ suggests that people under 18 stay home, but for those people who are 18-21 I am unsure what they’ll be doing at the event, since the national drinking age is 21 last I checked. Chris? Any words of wisdom? 🙂

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