Help rename Colorado’s tech industry

When Colorado Governor Ritter visited Silicon Valley a few months ago, the best he could come up with for a name that represented the collective entrepreneurial zeal and accomplishments of the state was to refer to us all as the “Colorado information and communications technology (ICT) sector”.
Ugh, that’s pretty ghastly and certainly not memorable.
On the other hand, when I said “Silicon Valley” in that first paragraph, you knew exactly where I was talking about, and as someone who lived and worked in Silicon Valley for years (Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, etc) I know exactly where that region is and how having a snappy name has helped its identity.
So a group of us are seeking to tap into crowdsourcing and come up with a better name for the Boulder/Denver tech corridor. Is it tied to Highway 36? Is it “Flatirons” related? Is it a cowboy theme to reflect the exciting history of the region?
This is your chance to help decide! Nominations are open for the Help Rename Colorado’s Tech Industry challenge, and entering is super easy: either post it on Twitter with the hashtag #nameCO or email it to Chris Vincent at RockyRadar:
You can read more perspectives about this challenge by following some of the top bloggers in Colorado’s tech space, including: Brad Feld, David Cohen and Chris Vincent.
And my vote? I really like Dot Colorado as a collective name.

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