Cool Stuff Galore at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2006

Next week in Denver will be another annual Colorado Inventor Showcase, and I’m please to say that I am again one of the “celebrity” judges. Last year was a great experience, with dozens of brilliant folk pushing the envelope with cool, odd and downright bizarre inventions, and this year promises to be even more exciting. If you can join us on the 14th of November, please do so: Join me at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2006.
Here’s some additional information on the event from organizer Tom Frey:
“Prepare to have your imagination come alive at the one event designed to engage the mind. Some very creative people will be turning the Cable Center into Colorado’s largest inventor’s workshop. If you yourself are an inventor, please make plans to participate. If you have children who are aspiring to become an inventor, this is a must see event. And for those who just want to know about all the cool stuff coming down the pike, you won’t want to miss this.
“The event will include sessions to “Pitching the Product Scouts”, and the “Champions of the Information Age”. One very exciting evening with all the right people to satisfy virtually any intellectual craving you might have.”
EVENT: Colorado Inventor Showcase
TIMES: 3:30- 9:00 pm
LOCATION: The Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Boulevard, Denver, C0 80210 – Map
FOOD & REFRESHMENTS: Food and refreshments will be served from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
48 Celebrity Judges – Key people in the business community, venture capital, and news media have been recruited to help judge the inventions being exhibited.

NextFavorite logoInventor: John Black
Product: Recommendation Engine
Description: NextFavorite is an online community for personalized music, movie and book recommendations. We use your ratings to analyze your likes and dislikes and match you to similar customers. The end result? We predict the next book, movie or CD that you’re going to love.
RevFire logoInventor: Dave Marinelli
Company: RevFire Corporation
Product: Device to measure speed and spin on a baseball
Description: Pitchers and batters are quite familiar with the effect of spin on the trajectory of a ball. Scientists have studied the phenomenon and many have mathematically described the effect. More spins creates more curve, movement, rise, or hop. It’s all about deceiving the batter, but until now nobody could measure it.
Zeralights logoInventor: Barbara Nelson
Company: Zeralights
Product: Glowing purses and other fashion accessories
Description: Uses fiber optics to turn normal looking purses and other fashion accessories into attractive, glowing additions to your wardrobe.
Moboogie logoInventor: Andrew Ryan
Company: MoBoogie
Product: The Social Network for the Good People Who Dig Live Music!
Description: Members of the MoBoogie community, artists and fans alike, have something very important in common: a deep passion for fantastic live music. was created as a broad based, one of a kind forum where live music enthusiasts can share the love and indulge in a world created specifically for them.
Magneticare logoInventor: Bob Kirschbaum
Company: MagnetiCare
Product: Platinum Health Cream
Description: Magnetic Liquid used as the basis for a series of alternative health product. Best known as a topical cream that can control pain. People with arthritis love this product.
Superstruct logoInventor: David McCloskey
Company: WABA Fun
Product: Construction Toy (next generation Tinker Toys)
Description: Superstructs are the award-winning rod and connector style building sets that feature charming characters and safe, durable EVA foam panels that add a brand new surface for children’s imagination.
I’m sure that there’ll be dozens of even more interesting, exciting and peculiar inventions being showcased, and I know it’ll be a fun evening for all. I hope to see you there!

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  1. I am looking for the company “Cool It” Denver, Co. that makes a cloth bag, lined in a silver heat resistant material to put your hot curling iron in when traveling. I would like to purchase more of these. Mine is old and I purchased it in Red Wing, MN at the Pottery Mall.
    Thank you.

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