“Hacking” a book club membership

I admit it, I’m a sucker for books and really enjoy reading history books (though I didn’t in school. Go figure). As a result, when I received a solicitation a few months ago to join the History Book Club I looked at the small print and decided that I could buy one book at full price in return for getting four books for $1. So I did.

The very next mailing I chose the least expensive book that sounded interesting (Measuring America, if you’re curious. A very interesting book!) and bought it, completing my obligation to the club. But… these folks put a lot of effort into writing a pretty darn interesting little catalog and I enjoy reading it. Yet I don’t want to miss a mailing and get a book by default while I’m out of town or otherwise engaged…

So I wrote to them and asked to either have the default action on a mailing be decline rather than accept, or, if they couldn’t do that, to simply cancel my membership. Surprise! They can do that:

“We are changing our method of servicing your account.

“We will still send you the Club’s announcement approximately every three weeks; however, from now on selections will not be sent unless you specifically order them. You no longer need to decline your main/featured selection via reply card or online. If you want the upcoming selection or any other title, just note your instructions on the reply form that comes with each announcement, and return the form to us. You’ll continue to receive the club announcements as long as you make at least two purchases a year.

“We are sure you will find this more convenient, and we appreciate your membership.”

So there’s a useful tip for those of you who like bookclubs; have them change their “method of servicing your account” and you’ll never receive an unwanted book again.

2 comments on ““Hacking” a book club membership

  1. Same goes for record clubs. Join, then contact Customer Service and say you don’t want to tell them when you don’t want items, and they’ll change your account. Not something they advertise (for obvious profit-related reasons) but something they all do.

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