Exporting RSS subscriptions from NetNewsWire: Limpet

While I was on the road last week, I really felt the loss of my NetNewsWire subscription information: I had the software on my TiBook, but without my most current list of RSS feed subscriptions, I was left somewhat as a fish out of water. I can explicitly export a subscription list from NetNewsWire into OPML format, but I wanted something more automatic. So I wrote limpet, a simple C program that automates the creation of these OPML subscription files. With an additional script from my upcoming Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, I can now keep an up-to-date copy of my subscriptions list on my server without even thinking about it. If you’re a NetNewsWire user, you’ll want to check out limpet today!

3 comments on “Exporting RSS subscriptions from NetNewsWire: Limpet

  1. Limpet’s made it onto the Macintouch home page (http://www.Macintouch.com/), which is good for some traffic, for sure:
    “Dave Taylor’s Limpet 1.0 exports a subscription list from NetNewsWire, the popular RSS newsreader, to an RSS OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file that can be shared with others and imported into other RSS newsreaders. Limpet is free and is available in source code only. (Brief instructions for compiling included.) ”
    Thanks, Ric!

  2. I just had the urge to do this yesterday and I discovered that it’s all contained in NetNewsWire’s preference plist at:
    You can pretty much use that to duplicate the subscriptions in case of emergency.

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