What was I thinking??

My pal Bob Rankin has resurrected an interview of me he did back in 1995 for the late, lamented Boardwatch magazine (where oh where is Jack Rickard nowadays anyway? I miss ya, Jack!). You can read it at Interview with Dave Taylor – Internet Pioneer and decide how far off my predictions were. Dig that groovy picture too… 🙂

As you read through, realize that my “SO” is now my wife, that Mecklerweb is long gone, the landlord of the Redwood City house mentioned is syndicated columnist and NPR commentator Larry Magid. It’s fun to read my comment about smart TV that foreshadows TiVO. And the most fun of all is surely talking about BBS systems. Wow, now that suddenly sounds like a long time ago…

One comment on “What was I thinking??

  1. Yes indeed, where is Jack Rickard nowadays? Writing editorials and articles about BBSs back, oh, 15 years ago, would be analogous to writing editorials and articles on current social networking platforms, both corporate and grass roots. I’d happily subscribe to a Social Technology Systems magazine or pay-to-play blog on that subject.

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