More audio content: I’m on Startup Story Radio!

A week or so ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out at the KKZN studios in Denver, Colorado with Rob McNealy of Startup Story Radio along with fellow guest Brian Baker of Hopscotch Technology, makers of the nifty Bob Screentime Controller.
If you’ve never been in a radio studio, here’s what it looked like:

KKZN Studios in Denver

That’s Brian on the left and Rob in the background.

(sorry for the photo quality, the iPhone didn’t do so well in the low lighting)
Anyway, I’ve edited Rob’s 50 minute show down to be just my own portion, which you can listen to here: Dave’s Portion of Startup Story Radio.
if you’d rather be a purist and also listen to Brian talk about the Bob TV/computer control device, please check out the Clickcaster archive of our show, which aired on 11-24-2007.
Tip: Curious how I edited this audio segment? Check out my AskDaveTaylor entry on editing audio content with Audacity for full details.

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