Eric Ries brings “Lean Startup” to Colorado

I haven’t actually been sucked into the maelstrom of a startup for a while now, which is probably good since I find myself incredibly busy with what is already on my proverbial plate anyway. When I have been involved, however, I’ve always wrestled with the question of funding versus organic growth.
It’s a key question for startups: do you need to raise money to grow? Few people have put more thought into this question than Eric Ries, whose Lean Startup concepts are apparently quite the hot topic in Silicon Valley, where there isn’t much angel capital floating around anyway, from what I hear.
What’s great for us in Colorado is that one of our local startup gurus, David Cohen (founder of TechStars), has arranged for Eric to come into Boulder and offer up both a half-day workshop and a separate dinner lecture. I’m attending the latter and am looking forward to hearing what Eric has to share with our entrepreneurial community.
It’s not too late, but the seats are selling quickly, from what I hear, so don’t delay if you’re interested:
Lean Startup Dinner with Eric Ries
Half Day “Lean Startup” Workshop
Hope to see you there!

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