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I just blogged a muse on the newly reborn Business Blog Consulting entitled Do we have to join every social network? but I’m still thinking about the dilemma.
The problem is that once you absorb the message of you are your brand then it becomes increasingly important that you grab your “standard handle” on new sites as they arise.
From reserving your “channel” on YouTube to the external URL on MySpace or handle on Twitter, it’s an increasingly big challenge.
And so, my idea for a startup: GrabMyName, a service where, for $5/month, the system will automatically “pre-sign” you up to any new social network or social networking tool that comes on the scene. You enter your email address into the GMN system and every time it signs up to a service on your behalf, it emails you a notification along with the temporary password it’s set up.
Would you pay for a service like this?

6 comments on “Startup idea:

  1. Absolutely yes. Although, it would be more worth my money if you also put up a “canned” profile provided by the company.
    …and if you provided services to search out potentially interested “friends” or followers and send those links along with the notification, I’d pay double.

  2. I think it’s an interesting idea, but…
    Assigning a temporary password is a nice potential solution, but keeping some form of memory of those passwords would be even better. Using OpenID or something so that I didn’t have to care about them would be the best (OpenID to the service, I mean, which in turn could allow me access to my “password bank” or something).
    A pre-filled profile would be nice, but not having to maintain them would make it even better. Of course, having the “service” update them regularly would simply rock. Perhaps integrating with FOAF or something, so that when I update mine, the service could update itself, and then all those profiles, now that would be really cool.

  3. Oh yes! I hate signing up for all these things, and then, since I’m not uber popular (yet), going around hunting for enough friends to make being there worthwhile. . .
    Ultimately, I’d love a service that could 1) register me, 2) fill in default profile info that I would provide once to the service, 3) check to see if people on my email contact list were members and connect me to them automatically, 4) somehow provide one place for me to do updates. I would pay for that in a heartbeat! In truth, I’d pay $5 for something that just did #1 and #2 too.

  4. I would see this more as a business service to save time grabbing trademark or keyword-valuable URLs on all the social sites.
    So, yes, definitely would pay for.

  5. Yes, I would be interested to buy the service.
    Do let me know if you are launching this service any time sooner. As George has rightly pointed out – It would be a valuable service to pre register for trademark names.

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