Email from beyond the grave!

Man, you can’t make up this stuff! A new service called MyLastEmail debuted today, offering you just what you’d think from their name: the chance to queue up email messages to be sent after you die.

Karen Peach of MyLastEmail explains: “Until now, planning for your death has involved making a Will and putting some kind of insurance in place. Unlike a Will and financial planning, deals with the emotional and compassionate aspects of taking care of the
family you leave behind”. Further explaining this, um, wacky business idea, Karen talks about the book You Only Die Once, about end-of-life planning. Apparently the book shows how you can create satisfaction from making plans now and how you can give hope to survivors and assist them in building bridges for the future. And that’s what MyLastEmail is about: planning ahead and leaving positive last memories for family and friends.

Ready to sign up yet?

2 comments on “Email from beyond the grave!

  1. About three years ago I designed a system with the intent of making it possible to converse with deceased people based on a collection of RDF content about the deceased person. The idea never got off the ground, but it’s still a good idea.

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